2 SEASONS | 2020

Join Good Food Institute India's Varun Deshpande and Ramya Ramamurthy on Season 2 of the Feeding 10 Billion podcast to find out more about the future of food and how we are working on accelerating innovation to solve some of the biggest problems of our time.

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Smart Protein Insights | October 2020

The smart protein sector’s trailblazing future successes are likely to come from Asia, which bodes well for global climate resilience and food security. Just this month, Impossible Foods made several exciting new announcements including its Hong Kong retail expansion, Omnipork partnered with McDonald’s in Hong Kong, Eat Just, Inc. announced a partnership to manufacture in Singapore, and Turtle Tree Labs won a World Cup for startups. The Indian ecosystem is poised for a similar takeoff. Our Future of Protein Summit (2019) was the staging ground for the smart protein sector in the country. Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, climate crises, and the breathtaking continued rise of alternative protein everywhere, the virtual Smart Protein Summit 2020 was similarly catalytic. Read more about it and a number of other exciting developments in our newsletter this month.

Smart Protein Insights | September 2020

At the Smart Protein Summit, we are underlining what you already know to be true: that 'normal' means zoonotic diseases, future pandemics, less land and water, further climate crises. It also means a world of increasing scarcity. But we have the opportunity to transcend ‘normal’, and to build a world of abundance from the ground up. If we want to look forward to a decade of promise and a more resilient planet, the time to act is now. Join us at the Summit, as we chart a path towards that abundant future. For details check out the website and don’t forget to register! In this month's newsletter, we are also serving you delicious insights on fermentation as a pillar of alternative protein with our State of the Industry report, launching our Plant-Based Dairy webinar, and sharing some news from the rapidly heating East Asian landscape from Beyond Meat, Eat Just, Inc., and Green Monday Group. Read on to find out more.

Smart Protein Insights | August 2020

This month, we’re taking the opportunity to articulate our vision for that future, by announcing our Smart Protein Summit. The Summit - a rebrand of previous years’ Future of Protein Summit - is a recognition of the tectonic shifts already underway and of the opportunity to lay the groundwork for a more sustainable, healthy, and just food system. The newsletter also contains immensely encouraging signs from Australia, where a pivotal protein alliance holds promise for farmers and industry alike, and the Netherlands, where our partners have got the ‘Protein Shift’ well and truly underway. For this and other news of the success of GFI India’s Smart Protein Innovation Challenge, as well as some major new announcements from the GFI family, read our August newsletter.